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Language Lane Preschool was conceived from the belief that every preschool child, no matter how gifted or needy in areas of speech and language, could make gains beyond what was typically taking place in good homes and preschools. These gains could accelerate their entire education and life skills, given caring, consistent and knowledgeable activities in a structured, enjoyable environment. Based on experience as a kindergarten teacher and observations as a speech/language pathologist the founder/owner saw that even children with formally educated parents, could progress more quickly in all academic, social and emotional areas, if they were provided with specific techniques within a good curriculum. So, in 1985, before formal data to this end was gathered by government grants, the doors of Language Lane Preschool were opened with a plan for success. For three decades preschoolers have traveled down “Language Lane” to receive early intervention. Success has been and continues to be proven by reports from students, parents, teachers and test results.

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